Tonton Geran Full Movie Full Online

Geran is a 2019 Malaysian Malay-language martial arts action film. Showcasing the traditional Malay silat martial art, it tells the story of two siblings in a silat family who has to find their younger brother as he ran away with the land grant, and bring him back to their father.

It is released on 10 October 2019 in Malaysia and Brunei.

In a family of practicing silat Gayong, two siblings Ali and Fatimah are frustrated with their younger brother, Mat Arip, as he fails to return home with the grant of their inherited land. Mat Arip takes part in illegal gambling and racing, and has loaned the land to the loan shark Haji Daud. Haji Daud also knows silat and is an enemy of their father, silat coach Pak Nayan. They will have to find their brother now and bring him home to their father, in order to protect their name and house.


Namron as Pak Nayan,Khoharullah as Ali,Feiyna Tajudin as Fatimah,Fad Anuar as Mat Arip,Azlan Komeng as Kahar,Taiyuddin Bakar as Mi Piang,Megat Shahrizal as Man Bangla,Aeril Zafrel as Lah,Fatimah Abu Bakar,Niezam Zaidi as Asan,Adam Shahz as At,Kasturi Majid as Tora King,Sham Majid as Yon,Yusran Hashim as Chot,Abinoorizuadin as Pak Teh,Faizal Hussein as Haji Daud


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